House Watch Agreement

Users can terminate this agreement at any time by logging into the GK Home Watch website, using their account name and password, then going to “My Account” and clicking “Close My Account.” The material that the user has entered into our system is immediately deleted. Under no circumstances will GK Home Watch`s overall liability to a user (whether the parties to this contract or a third party) exceed all cases of damage, losses and lawsuits (either due to contract law, illegal act, including, but not limited to negligence) or otherwise, the total amount of the invoice (excluding VAT) paid by the user to GK Home Watch in the last 12 months. This agreement remains in force until it is denounced by either party. GK Home Watch may also terminate this contract at any time and without notice if the user does not meet any conditions or complies with any provisions of this Agreement, in accordance with the exclusive judgment of GK Home Watch. This agreement still applies to the use of our products and services prior to the termination date. Users are required to meet their obligations to GK Home Watch. All payments made are non-refundable and all remaining costs remain payable. Download our contract before our first meeting. The details in it give you confidence in our company and also provide you with all the information you need before contracting our services. Check out our service contract for a detailed list of the services we offer as part of our Protection and Maintenance package. Contains specific property-based options that you need to protect and maintain.

All email addresses that users of our products and/or services use to log in, as well as invoice email addresses, must be used in a valid and active manner. Otherwise, GK Home Watch reserves the right not to deliver these users at any time or to remove their information from the system. Our free trial survey is only used for testing and evaluation purposes. Every user has the right to have only one free trial survey, unless GK Home Watch otherwise allows it. GK Home Watch welcomes feedback from its loyal customers and welcomes user feedback on GK Home Watch`s products and services. All ideas and suggestions are welcome, and GK Home Watch will take this into account. However, we cannot guarantee that such ideas or proposals will be implemented. We need to ask users to provide feedback on these products and services and not send us original source code.

We hope that our users will understand that the purpose of this request is to avoid future conflicts if others believe that the projects developed by GK Home Watch professionals resemble their own creative work. The user releases GK Home Watch for all third-party claims regarding the intellectual property rights of the material or data provided or provided by the user for the delivery of the services. The user also releases GK Home Watch for other potential claims of a third party that suffer service delivery damage and are attributable to the user. The users of our products and services are fully responsible for the use of all the hardware they enter into our system. GK Home Watch cannot be held liable if one or more of its customers and/or users violate or violate copyright or abuse the rights or products protected by another party (i.e. without fees!) or generally violate generally accepted legal or contractual provisions or standards of care. GK Home Watch reserves the right to refuse, at any time and without justification, to provide products and services to users or to remove user information from the system (including, but not only in cases of pornographic material, invasion of privacy, violation of Esomar`s code of ethics or illegal activities).

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