Aia Master Agreement

B207-2008 (formerly B352-2000), Standard Form of Architect`s Services: On-Site Project Representation AIA Document B207™-2008 determines the architect`s performance when the architect makes available an on-site project collaborator during the construction phase. The B207-2008 provides for an agreement on the number of architectural representatives stationed on the project site, on a schedule of on-site representation and on the services that the representative will provide on site. Services provided by the on-site representative include attendance at site meetings, monitoring the contractor`s construction schedule, monitoring system and equipment testing, establishing an on-site activity report and maintaining on-site recordings. The owner will make an on-site office available to the architect`s representative on site. The AIA B207-2008 document is only a service and should not be used as a self-contained owner/architect contract. NOTE: B352-2000 expired in 2010. C101-1993 (formerly C801-1993), Joint Venture Agreement for Professional Services AIA Document C101™-1993 is intended to be used by two or more parties to secure their reciprocal rights and obligations when setting up a joint venture. Once established, the joint venture must enter into an agreement with the owner for the provision of professional services. The parts can be all architects, all engineers, a combination of architects and engineers or another combination of professionals. The document offers a choice between two methods of community operation. The method of sharing compensation assumes that the services provided and the remuneration received will be distributed among the parties in the units agreed at the beginning of the project.

The profitability of each party then depends on the individual performance of the pre-assigned tasks and is not directly related to that of the other parties. The method of sharing profits and losses is based on each party that performs work and charges the joint venture for the aspiration of costs plus a nominal amount for overhead. The final profit or loss of the joint venture is distributed on the basis of their respective interests, i.e. between the parties at the end of the project. NOTE: C801-1993 expired in 2009. B152-2007 (formerly B171ID-2003), Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Architect for Architectural Interior Design Services AIA Document B152™-2007 is a standard agreement between the owner and architect for design services for furniture, furnishings and amenities (FF-E) as well as for interior architecture. The AIA B152-2007 document divides the architect`s achievements into eight phases: programming, pre-location and feasibility, schematic programming, design, contract documents, tendering and tendering, construction contract management and contract management FF-E. B152 was re-listed in 2007 and amended in accordance with AIA B101™-2007 and A201™-2007. The AIA B152-2007 document is intended to be used with AIA A251™-2007 documents, terms and conditions of the furniture, furnishings and equipment contract, and A201™-2007, general terms of the construction contract, both of which are included as reference. NOTE: B171ID-2003 expired in 2009.

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