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The different periodicals have different review periods and this also depends on the theme of the manuscript, the availability of the evaluators and the number of issues published in a year. Average examination periods range from 4 to 8 weeks, but may be longer or shorter depending on the record and the factors mentioned above. If your manuscript has been sent for verification, the status of the transmission system should change to “check” or otherwise. If the status has not changed since the manuscript was first sent, you can send an email to the magazine editor to find out. It is normal for magazines to check a manuscript for 6 weeks, but as you have a tight deadline, it would be a good idea to ask. This article has a template that allows you to send a request to the magazine editor about the current state of your work, which I sent in early April to an American Chemical Society A journal via ACS Paragon Plus. But the publisher immediately informed me that my manuscript was not suitable for their review and recommended that it be forwarded to its journal B. I sent a reply in mid-April, in which I accepted its recommendation, and I forwarded my manuscript on ACS Paragon Plus to magazine B after revising the format. Two days later, I forwarded the Complete Journal Publishing Agreement through the system. Six weeks have passed, but the status of the system has not changed. Is my manuscript being checked? It is just before the deadline for submitting applications for my PhD student, so I would like to know the result as soon as possible. If I ask the Journal for the current status, how do I ask the question? Please let us know. λǰǣͶһJPCCҸѾxߵݽ Journal Publishing Agreement.

Very honoredxxxxxx: The electronic journal Publishing Agreement can now be concluded on your ACS Paragon Plus homepage. The Journal Publishing Agreement replaces the ACS copyright form and is the result of ACS`s ongoing efforts to provide ACS with the best possible publishing experience for ACS authors. This agreement gives ACS authors a number of new rights to the use of their manuscripts and outlines certain behaviours expected by the authors of the ACS. To access the Journal Publishing Agreement, please log on to your ACS Paragon Plus homepage at Click on submitted manuscripts or forms to wait for completion queue, then click on the “Complete Journal Publishing Agreement” link. If you`ve forgotten your username and password, you can retrieve your account information using the password help feature in Please take the time to read and finalize the corresponding part of the electronic newspaper publication contract by entering your name in the field and dating the agreement. When you`re done, click “Send” in the form below.

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