Iucrc Membership Agreement

C. COMPANY is committed to providing the following annual contributions to support the CENTRE, thus becoming a member with the benefits mentioned here for this affiliate group. J. Only one university can withdraw from the CENTRE and is no longer obliged by this agreement to communicate in writing to MEMBER and other universities – days before the term of the CENTRE`s withdrawal date. If only one university is established, this agreement between THE MEMBER and the other UNIVERSITIES will remain in force. Note: If the UICRC consists of a single university site, the word UNIVERSITIES in the agreement must be replaced by UNIVERSITY. Instead of the cash contribution, LA COMPANY may sponsor, with the agreement of the Director-General and the Industry Advisory Committee (IAB), a research project at UNIVERSITY, the results of which are shared with all centire members. H. All royalties and royalties collected under this agreement are distributed beyond expenses incurred under the rules for the distribution of university fees, of which -% (above or equal to 33%) THE CENTER operating account or relevant universities participating in the licensing/royalty agreements in case the CENTER is no longer operational. In accordance with the NSF`s mission, all Cyber SMART sites use the same agreement to facilitate inter-local cooperation when needed. Cyber SMART adheres to the highest standards of integrity in its research and education programs. Cyber SMART follows the strict academic standards and protocols and conflict reporting procedures required by Georgetown University and its affiliated universities, as well as the requirements of the NSF IUCRC program.

The current Cyber SMART affiliate agreement follows the requirements imposed by the NSF for the UICRC program. Next year, this agreement will be replaced by a new model agreement imposed by the NSF as part of changes to the NSF-UICRC programme in 2020. As requested by this programme, the terms of the current e-affiliation agreement and the new agreement include standard NSF requirements for the UICRC and the programme, and the essential conditions are non-negotiable. You will find, however, that the existing agreement and the new agreement are essentially under the same conditions; and are very simple and fair and designed to promote a collaborative industry and quality collaborative research and innovation.

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