Ultra Low Budget Project Agreement

It (the Ultra Low agreement) is not intended for images produced for television shows, cable use, video/DVD markets or, moreover, primarily for commercial exploitation. This is probably also your SAG agreement if you shoot a wild spot. Unlike national or cable ads, wild ads are ads that appear in more than 20 specific cities. SAG also requires all distributors who sell your film to sign an Assumption distribution contract to link the distributor to your agreement with SAG. The big studios are still signing, but most independent sellers will laugh at the airtime. Recently, SAG began calling for the signing of another agreement called the Laboratory PawnHolder Agreement. It`s like a lab access letter (which allows your distributor to sell copies of your master`s). Except for SAG, it`s quite the opposite! No one has access to your negative or digital mastery until SAG says ok. If you`re looking for a SAG short film contract, this is probably the right place to start. In fact, if you put a pencil on it, regular SAGs TVs is a better deal for even low-budget independent producers! As with most SAG agreements, the more time you set aside for the players, the less you have to pay for it per day. The low-budget agreement is now called a low-budget “LBA”, and rates for the main daily and weekly players are set at 65% of the scale of basic agreements and increased each year with the scale (daily rate of 653 USD and weekly from 2267 USD to 30.06.20). The LBA will be limited to projects with a first theatrical publication, with budgets of more than $700,000, but no more than 2,000,000 $US. The diversity of casting incentives is maintained.

I`m asking for the use of SAG-AFTRA interpreters for my first feature film, while I was reading the agreement on an ultra-low-budget project, and I saw: “The prices of day artists are set at 20% of the basic scale of the agreements and will increase each year with the scale.” Sag Theatrical Rates apply to actors who perform in films with different budgets. The term “theatre” means that the film must have a first theatrical release. If you produce a film directly for broadcast, you may be covered by a New Accord. although in the age of streaming, the term may have a different meaning.

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