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After production ended in 1997, fokker 100 aircraft continued to be supported and used by operators. However, at the end of 2002, American Airlines decided to prematurely terminate its entire fleet of 74 aircraft, as it led the high operating costs. The jets will end in 2004 and would be replaced by smaller but more economical regional jets operated by American Eagle`s regional subsidiaries. [25] Following the Great Recession of the late 2000s, much of this was removed from air traffic; Some returned to service later, while a considerable portion was broken. [26] In March 2009, Mexicana announced that the confirmation of an agreement with Boeing for the lease of 25 Boeing 717s to replace its fleet of 25 Fokker 100s.[27] In September 2009, one of the last Asian operators of this type, Mandarin Airlines, has ended the last of its Fokker 100s. [28] , Fokker 100 aircraft built in the 1990s are expected to be maintained until 2035 , while the type is expected to remain competitive at least until 2020. [11] And it goes without saying that Kelvin Trek movies have always been on a different track than Marvel. The comparison does not even apply. No one`s going to bet on the house for Tarantino Trek to pass. But if that were to happen, it would be perfectly normal for nothing to be announced before July, because it is not even available. What would you say to the studio (“someone, someone”) without their consent? What would you make him say without theirs? In 2007, the Gujarat State Department of Archives began digitizing 600,000 files, including registers of the state of Baroda, prints, cards, abhinandan patra or maan patra (congratulations letters) offered to the former king of various provincial states and organization, aagna patrika (Gazette), all orders exchanged and volumes of letters and agreements of the main state with other provincial states and the British Raj , currently housed in the Southern Circle Record Office in Vadoda, where a permanent exhibition had also been set up. [24] Uh nr. That is actually part of the problem.

CBS was split from Viacom in late 2005. They have competing interests and have no particular reason to be collaborative, in addition to not irreparably damaging Trek`s name.

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