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There are large fibre deployments throughout London that either appear to be underutilized or have not gained strength due to the difficulty of obtaining transport reasons. I hope that this will open up the possibility of commercializing existing networks and creating new networks without too many legal and commercial barriers. I bought my house a few years ago and I don`t remember anything about a travel agreement in correspondence with my lawyer or property documentation, but there is a power pole in the corner of my garden. The property next to me has just been purchased and the new owner is doing some expansion work. For some reason, they need some power modifications and this requires some modifications to the bar that is in my garden. The energy company asked me to sign a service contract. The new owner urges me to sign it quickly, although I am uncomfortable to do so, without advice on the effects (if any) not only for me, but for any future owner of my home when the time comes for me to sell (I do not intend to live here indefinitely). I asked the energy company if I could give them my consent to do the specific work that the new neighbour needs so that their work is not stopped, and in the meantime, I would do some research or seek advice when signing a more permanent agreement. The energy company will not do that because they say it is “not their policy” and I have to sign the agreement.

Is this something I should ask for appropriate legal advice on or should I just sign and make the agreement, since it is very commonplace and does not have to worry? If we need permission to install new equipment on private land, we will send a request to the landowner. These include the route plan, the agreement and the explanation of why we need permission. Once this has been signed and returned to the signalling team, it gives us permission to install the device on the landowner`s property. If there is no agreement, can`t you ask them to move the mast from your garden? A written agreement between us and the landowner.

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