Ytn Collective Agreement

For example, the following working conditions are based on collective agreements: the service sector The employer PALTA, which represents workers, is also one of the parties to the collective agreement for the electrification of workers (the energy ICT network), which came into force in 2010. In a press release published on its website on Thursday, February 13, 2020, the Association of Executives and Professional Executives (YTN) said it was satisfied with the new collective agreements for its members. (Teemu Salonen – Lehtikuva) Collective agreements for the municipal sector, the collective agreement of the AvaINTA (Avaintes) Finnish energy, the pro union and the Finnish Association of Engineers have also reached an agreement that will increase wages by 3.3% over 25 months and eliminate the unpaid increase in working time. The first breakthrough was achieved during negotiations with the Finnish technology industry. The agreement will affect more than 60,000 high-level employees, making it the second largest collective agreement in the manufacturing sector. Collective agreement for senior managers in the technology sector 2020-2021 General collective agreement for the government, collective agreement for private museums “The contract will lift the overtime ban introduced in the sector in February,” he added. YTN negotiates the collective agreements of TEK members with the support of TEK staff, who range from lawyers to collective bargaining and communication specialists. Jorma Malinen, president of Trade Union Pro, called the agreement a reasonable solution to avoid an escalation of trade union actions in the prevailing circumstances. The agreement also provides employers with greater flexibility in the organisation of work in order to achieve urgent savings on seasonal construction and maintenance work in the energy sector.

The public sector is governed by specific public sector collective agreements. The contractual partners are JUKO, the Association of Public Sector Executives and Local Employers (KT), the Government Office as An Employer (VTML) and the Church Labour Market Organization (KIT). Juko negotiates collective agreements for graduates of the public sector business school. Akava Special Branches negotiates four collective agreements directly with the employer: the collective agreement for private museums and collective agreements for VIPARO and Via Sign Language Sector Cooperative. When negotiating the collective agreement of audiovisual translators, we represent workers with the journalists` union in Finland. – Although the recent breakthrough between the Finnish industrial union and the Finnish technology industry has received a great deal of media attention, it does not appear to have addressed the general impasse in collective bargaining. This is partly due to a strong line from employers that the provisions of the 2016 competition pact have been removed from the industrial union collective agreement, but should not be automatically removed from other collective agreements.

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