Revolving Loan Credit Agreement

SECTION 3.11. Regulation U. Neither the borrower nor a subsidiary is primarily or as one of its major activities in the extension of the credits for the purpose of acquiring or porting margina shares (within the meaning of Regulation U of the Board of Directors). Margin Stock (as defined in the Commission`s U regulation) represents less than 25% of the assets of the borrower and its subsidiaries that are subject to a restriction on sale, collateral or other restrictions. Supreme Packaging secures a revolving credit facility for $500,000. The company uses the line of credit to cover the payroll while waiting for the payment of debits. Although the company consumes up to $250,000 per month from the revolving credit facility, it pays most of the balance and monitors the available balance. With another company signing a $500,000 contract for the ultimate packaging to package its products for the next five years, the packaging company is using US$200,000 of its revolving credit facility to purchase the necessary machinery. “compensated taxes”: (a) taxes other than excluded taxes, which are levied on or as a result of a payment made by the borrower under this agreement or other loan document, and (b) to the extent not described in point (a) other taxes. “loans,” loans made by lenders to the borrower under this agreement. Any resignation of Bank of America, N.A. as a director pursuant to this Article VI, also constitutes his resignation as issuer of LC and lender to Swingline.

If Bank of America, N.A. as the issuer of LC, it retains all rights, powers, privileges and obligations of an LC issuer in connection with this activity, with respect to all CS of the pending facility on the date of its entry into force as issuer of LC and all LC commitments in this regard. , including the right to require lenders to lend, share risk, in accordance with Section 2.22. When Bank of America, N.A. withdraws from its position as Swingline`s lender, it retains all rights of a swingline lender under this contracting party, with respect to the line of credit loans it has granted and outstanding on the effective date of that decision, including the right to require lenders , to lend or take stakes in loans in the process of swingline, in accordance with Section 2.05 (c).

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