We Couldn`t Finish Your Setup For This Agreement. Contact Apple Support To Finish Your Setup

There may be thousands of developers who face exactly the same problems as what you can see from this thread. I repeatedly sent “Page can`t find” by clicking on the invitation from my Yahoo Mail app, was able to complete it when I sent the link to an address that opens d in the iPhone`s native messaging app. And quite I think I click on the details behind the “First Steps” link that was opened in my iPhone settings, where I saw the invitation in my iCloud menu. I hope it will help. Have you contacted I tunes support? This type of notification usually means that they want to confirm that you are who you say they are, or your cc has expired, or one of a number of things. Contact them on the link and find out. I hope this (or the preferred variant) will help others. Refund policies may vary in your country or region. More information about cancellation and refund can be found in the terms and conditions of AppleCare`s protection plan or appleCare`s terms and conditions. If you have AppleCare with theft and loss, you`ll find more information in the insurance documents. In this case, 25295 is interpreted by pressing the F command and the “25295.” The search searches for the following code: Greetings, sherrieiv.

I see that you are having trouble adding your husband to family release, but he always gets a message saying that the action cannot be accomplished. I`m happy to help. Manage your Apple ID – Make sure you can log in to the Apple ID site. This must be completed by a browser on a Mac or PC. Family Sharing – Even if it`s the item that brought you to Apple Support Communities, make sure the item it`s using is supported. All indications are that the keychain is damaged and that services are prevented from registering. If you browse your own Apple ID in the keychain to find the login key, you can try removing the public keys. This way, MacOS will not remove all damaged keys.

But since (more than a month ago), the Apple UK support site and the Apple Support iOS app keep telling me that the AppleCare deal is still being processed. After talking to AppleCare EMEA, they tell me that everything is fine and that I`m covered, but it would be nice if Apple`s website developers and Sysadmins could solve the problem, because I`m always afraid it could cause problems if I put the MacBook Pro in an Apple Store. If your iPhone can`t be activated or if a warning indicates that the activation server is not available or that the SIM card is not supported, you`ll know what to do. Right after, to say that this has been resolved. I didn`t do anything, so it may have been that Apple read the article above or that someone may have shot down the developers of Apple`s website. Or something like that. But now everything`s fine. I can`t buy Appstore…

Please contact itunes support to complete this transaction… I have exactly the same error after downloading XCode, I can`t connect again to the App Store or icloud.

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