Wrexham Council Tenancy Agreement

Since the Housing Act 1996, municipalities have had the option of granting “introductory rents” to new tenants. If the councils opt for an introductory rental system, it must apply to all new leases. “We are committed to reinvesting profits to help communities thrive. That is why we are pleased to be able to do so through this new contract with the Council, in which we will invest in schools, football clubs and community centres in the heart of Wrexham communities. Holding Deposit Payment-Any applicant wishing to take a property must pay a holding deposit of up to one week`s rent (calculated on RentPCM / 4.35) to secure the property. These funds are securely stored in a client account and refunded to the applicant if their application has not been successful or may be withheld by the agent if the applicant does not receive references or withdraws from the lease. Please comply with our terms of repayment of holding deposits. If you are a tenant on the council, you must sign a lease before moving into your home. The lease is an important legal document that can be retained by the courts. If your tenancy agreement is a common tenancy agreement, we can apply the tenancy conditions to any tenant or all roommates.

If you sign a lease with us, we ask you to accept the rental terms. It is important that you know and understand what you want to do. If you`re not sure, ask a housing agent to explain everything you don`t understand. All costs that the owner covers when the property is re-leased until the start of the replacement lease. You must pay a holding deposit (also called a booking deposit). This reserves the property while your application is being processed. Please note: your down payment will be withheld if a person (including one of the guarantors) who is concerned withdraws from the lease, has no legal control, provides substantial inaccurate or misleading information or does not sign his lease (and/or guarantee) within 15 days of the calendar (or any other period agreed in writing). The first step is to contact us to provide you with brief information about yourself and the accommodation you need. Then we will search for appropriate properties in our database. If this is not urgent, we will record your data so that we can contact you as soon as the appropriate properties become available.

It is advisable to search about a month before the move, as the most beautiful properties are looked at and booked quickly. Our leases are granted for a minimum of 6 months, renewable if all parties agree. An “introductory lease” lasts for the first 12 months (trial period or trial period). If there is no problem with the lease during this period, the lease automatically becomes a “safe lease” on the anniversary of the lease`s start. A deposit of at least one month`s rent is usually required. This deposit is processed in accordance with the provisions relating to the protection of the tenant allowance, and you will receive the corresponding information and obtain details about the system used. The security deposit is maintained to cover the tenant`s damages, forfeiture and defaults during the lease. Please note that the deposit cannot be used by the tenant to cover the rent. Rent – payable for the entire rental agreement or up to the time of renting the premises, depending on the time. You should also know if the property is allowed as hMO (House in Multiple Occupation) with the City Council.

It`s a misdemeanor not to get a driver`s license. The list of licensed HMOs in Wrexham is available here. If the hosting is not in the list, send the details to hmo@wrexham.gov.uk who can verify that the license is running.

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