Tenant Lease Agreement Nova Scotia

Due to recent amendments to the Residential Tenancy Act, each tenant benefiting from a periodic lease is automatically granted a mandate, which means that his lease cannot be terminated without a valid reason from the lessor. A tenant can continue to terminate their own lease. Use Form P: Standard Lease Form to see all the applicable terms in each residential tenancy agreement. Landlords can use Form P, another form of rental agreement or an oral agreement, but the terms in the form of P remain valid. If you have a week after week or month to month and you want to terminate your rental agreement, you can complete a “declaration of termination” (Form C) and send it to your landlord within the corresponding period (with at least 1 week`s notice for weekly rental agreements or at least 1 month`s notice for monthly rental agreements). Click here for the Declaration of Termination (Form C), including instructions on how to complete the form. Prior to these amendments, if a tenant broke their lease without giving the corresponding notice period for an annual lease, or if they moved before the end date of a fixed-term lease, they would have been responsible for paying the rent for the rest of the lease. For example, if you left a fixed-term rental agreement 4 months before the deadline indicated in the rental agreement, you would have been responsible for paying the rent for those 4 months (although you no longer lived there). This is due to the fact that the lease you have signed is a contract in which you have agreed to live in the rental unit and rent for the time described in the rental agreement.

If your lease is terminated through this process, it means that the lease of another person who lives with you will ultimately be terminated. You are not responsible for informing other tenants that the rental agreement is terminated or assigning them any form of termination, but you can, if you wish, and you are comfortable and safe. A fixed-term rental agreement has a deadline. Fixed-term rental contracts can apply for each period – a few months, 6 months, a year, etc. Fixed-term leases must have a written lease agreement setting out the terms of the lease and the deadline. Tenants can terminate their lease prematurely if their landlord sells the property and the new owner or family member moves in (the occupied premises). Landlords can use Form P as a rental agreement for housing contracts that they make available to their tenant for signature.. . . .

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